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Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII

We believe a unified hobby is a more productive hobby. KG Steiner believes in teamwork with fellow reenactors. We are happy to advertise any reenacting unit in the USA. We do not endorse specific groups, and some of them on this list will breakup overtime (and link be broken for that matter!), but we want to give a shout out to all of our Kameraden around the country! Prost! (list courtesy of Chris Pittman, Sich. Regt. 195)

List is current as of 06 MAY 2016.

1. SS-Panzer-Division "LSSAH" National unit- OH, NJ, KY, TN, AL, IA, TX, OK, GA, NC, MI, WI, IN, IL, MO, LA, MS, WV, SC, FL, PA, NM and Canada

2. Fallschirmjäger-Division Portraying FJR 7 and Luftwaffen-Feld-Div. Mid-Atlantic USA- PA, MD, VA, NJ, NY, DE.

2. Gebirgsjäger-Division Portraying Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 136. PA, VA, NJ, MD, OH.

2. Panzer-Division Midwest USA to include OH, MI, IN, IL, WI, MN, MO.

2. Panzer-Division, Pionier-Bataillon 38 Ohio and Pennsylvania.

2. SS-Panzer-Division "Das Reich" Based in Charlotte, NC.

3. Panzergrenadier-Division Portraying 9. Kompanie Grenadier-Regiment 8. New England.

4. Gebirgsjäger-Division Portraying 3./GJR 91 and Feldgendarmerie-Trupp 94 depending on the scenario. Indiana, Illinois, Ohio.

6. SS Gebirgs-Division "Nord" Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

9. SS-Panzer-Division "Hohenstaufen" Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware.

9. SS-Panzer-Division "Hohenstaufen" Midwest USA.

11. SS-Panzergrenadier-Division "Nordland" KS, MO, OH, IL, VA, CA.

12. SS-Panzer-Division "Hitlerjugend" Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois.

12. SS-Panzer-Division "Hitlerjugend" New England.

16. Volks-Grenadier Division. Eastern and central Tennesee, southern USA. E-mail

17. Luftwaffe-Feld-Division Dallas-Fort Worth area, Texas.

17. SS-Panzergrenadier-Division "Götz von Berlichingen" Midwest United States (WI, IL, MN).

18. Luftwaffen-Feld-Division Based in Nashville, TN; spanning Kentucky to Georgia.

24. Panzer-Division, Aufklärungsabteilung Midwest USA, based in Kansas.

100. Jäger-Division Ohio.

250. Infanterie-Division KS, OK, MO.

353. Infanterie-Division Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri and Texas.

709. Infanterie-Division Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin.

Aufklärungs-Abteilung 53 WI, MN.

Aufklärungs-Abteilung 269 Eastern Ontario, Canada.

Aufklärungs-Abteilung "LSSAH" Mid-Atlantic USA.

Aufklärungs-Abteilung "LSSAH." Minnesota. E-mail

Der Erste Zug Mid-Atlantic and northeast USA.

Deutsche Rotes Kreuz Southeast USA, based in northern Florida.

Deutsche Rotes Kreuz, Wien. Southeast USA. E-mail

Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 3 - III. Bataillon Based in Louisville, KY.

Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 5 - 3. Kompanie Florida.

Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 5 - 5. Kompanie Southern Ontario, Canada.

Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 6 - II. Bataillon IL , IN, OH, KY, MI.

Fallschirm-Sanitäts-Abteilung 7 Based in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Feldgendarmerie-Abteilung 419. New England. E-mail

Füsilier-Bataillon 272 New York state.

Füsilier-Bataillon 352 - 1. Kompanie Florida.

Grenadier-Regiment 914 New England and northeast USA.

Grenadier-Regiment 916 - 5. Kompanie Based in El Dorado, Kansas.

Grenadier-Regiment 980 Eastern Nebraska/ Western Iowa.

Grenadier-Regiment 984 - II. Bataillon IL, OH, WI

Infanterie / Grenadier-Regiment 121 Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland.

Infanterie-Regiment 15 - 2. Kompanie East Tennessee.

Infanterie-Regiment 134 "Hoch und Deutschmeister" 2. Kp. located in the Southeast, 3 Kp. located in Northeast USA.

Infanterie-Regiment 208 - 13. Kompanie Based in Nashville, TN.

Infanterie-Regiment 226 North Carolina and Virginia.

Infanterie-Regiment Grossdeutschland 1./I.R. "GD", 2./I.R. "GD", 4./Aufkl.Abt. "GD", Feldgen.Tr. 2 "GD", 1./San.Kp."GD" and Sturm-Pi.Btl. 43 "GD." Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.

Jäger-Regiment 38 - 1. Kompanie MO, IL, FL, MN, OH, TX.

Kampfgruppe Franzky Portraying Stabskompanie, SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 2. Canada and eastern US: NH, MA, VA, PA, NY, NC, WV, VA

Kampfgruppe Gottlieb Portraying the common Heer Grenadier. Southeast US.

Kampfgruppe Steiner Portraying all parts of the war as different historical units. South-central and southwest US, based in Texas.

Kosaken-Grenadier-Regiment 360 Illinois

Panzergrenadier-Regiment 29 Based in Missouri.

Panzergrenadier-Regiment 125 - 5. Kompanie California

Panzergrenadier-Regiment "Grossdeutschland" - 5. Kompanie Pacific Northwest.

Panzergrenadier-Regiment "Grossdeutschland" - 5. Kompanie IL, WI, IN.

Panzergrenadier-Regiment "Grossdeutschland" - 7. Kompanie NY, NJ, PA, FL, CT, MD, Canada.

Panzergrenadier-Regiment "Grossdeutschland" - 10. Kompanie Tennessee.

Panzerjäger-Bataillon 228 - 1. Kompanie Florida.

Pionier-Bataillon (mot) 200. Michigan and Illinois. E-mail

Sicherungs-Regiment 195 Based in New England, members throughout the Northeast, outposts in Virginia, California, UK, Switzerland.

SS-Aufklärungs-Abteilung 5 - 1. Kompanie Based in eastern TX, extending to AZ.

SS-Fallschirmjäger-Bataillon 600 - 2. Kompanie Pennsylvania and Virginia.

SS-Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 11 "Reinhard Heydrich" Northeast USA.

SS-Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 12 "Michael Gaissmair" Indiana, Ohio.

SS-Grenadier-Regiment 2 - 11. Kompanie Arizona.

SS-Panzer-Aufklärungs-Abteilung 10 "Frundsberg" - 3. Kompanie Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey.

SS-Panzer-Pionier-Bataillon 1 - 2. Kompanie Florida.

SS-Panzer-Pionier-Bataillon 5 - 2. Kompanie MI, OH, IN, IL & Canada.

SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 3 "Deutschland" - II. Bataillon Northwest United States, California and Canada.

SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 3 "Deutschland" - 9. Kompanie New England.

SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 4 "Der Führer" - 11. Kompanie Texas and Louisiana.

SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 6 "Theodor Eicke" Based in Raleigh, NC.

SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 20 - 1. Kompanie. Southern Ontario, Canada. E-mail

SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 21 - 3. Kompanie Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, American Midwest.

SS-Panzergrenadier-Rgt. 25- 4. Kompanie. PA, NJ, DE and MD. E-mail

SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 26 - 12. Kompanie Based in NC, members in NC, TN, OH, MO, AZ.

SS-Totenkopf-Infanterie-Regiment - 2. Kompanie Illinois (St. Louis).

Utah Military History Group Portraying German and GI units. Based in Utah, events as far as California, Oregon, Colorado.