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Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII

Tier II Uniform and Equipment Items 

By now, you should have all of the Tier I items and are ready to start Tier II. This Tier will encompass the rest of your field gear and tentage.

Issue Item

Preferred Vendor

Stahlhelm- Helmet Model 1935,1940, or 1942. Shells must be refurbished originals with new liners. Ask A.O. about decals and style of finish of the helmet shell (factory new vs reissue).

German Helmets Inc (Factory Helmet Style Restorations)

Ebay/ Militaria Shows

Spaten mit Trager- Shovel with carrier. May be either the standard straight or folding shovel. Must be identical postwar (Dutch flat or folding) or original/period correct shovel! East German not allowed. Shovel carrier needs to be made of presstoff!

At The Front (Original Folding Shovels)

1944 Militaria (Original Flat Shovels)

Ebay/ Militaria Shows

Gasplane mit Trager- Gas sheet with bag.

At The Front (Original restored bags)

At The Front (Reproduction Sheets)

Patronentasche- Kar98 Ammo pouches. Must be high quality version. Please, no originals as they will rip in the field.

cocomomo77 Ebay (Reproduction Pouch)

Tragegestell- Combat suspenders (Y-straps). Must be high quality suspenders.

Vincent Smid (Hidden and exposed straps)

Zeltbahn- Shelter quarter. You will be required to own two (2) of these. 2 quarters make half of a tent. ATF reproduction or originals are recommended. No Sturm!

At The Front (Excellent reproductions)

Ebay/ Militaria Shows (Originals)

Zelt Accessories- Proper tent rope, pegs, and poles. You will be required to have at least four (4) pegs, two (2) poles, and proper rope.

At The Front (Reproduction stakes, pole, rope.

Kelleys Militaria (Reproduction stakes, pole, rope.

Feldbluse Bandage- You will need a pocket sized bandage for your feldbluse. Hence the small rectangular pocket on the inside of your Feldbluse.

Original or reproduction

Sweater- Standard wool knit sweater. V-Neck, Crew Neck, or Turtle Neck allowed.

Richard Underwood (Roll Neck)

At The Front (V Neck)

Toque- Head wrap, keeps your neck and ears warm.

At The Front

Kelleys Militaria

Scarf- Standard grey scarf.

Any Vendor

Handschuhe- Wool gloves.

Any vendor

Sturmgepack- A-Frame assault pack. At The Front only.

At The Front (Excellent reproductions)

Ebay/ Militaria Shows (Original)