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Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII

Joining the Kampfgruppe

We put all new recruits under a probationary period of 3 events after turning in an accepted application, meaning you will earn your way in. After you attend three events the existing members of Kampfgruppe Steiner will vote to either accept or deny your application to join. We do this to ensure the standards of the top quality reenacting unit in Texas. We look for our members to have high moral standards, believe in quality, and strive to authentically represent the common German soldier of WWII.

Recruiting Process

Recruit Voting Criteria

1. Must be of sound and good moral character.

2. Must be dedicated to portraying the German Heer of World War II in the most authentic way possible including but not limited to drill, tactics, uniforms, etc.

3. No criminal background or history

4. Must be at least 17, unless accompanied by a legal guardian

5. Must meet physical requirements- i.e. working towards Sports Badge (We are portraying a combat unit, thus we do lots of running, marching, and other various things that are strenuous on the body.)

6. Must have a willingness to follow orders

7. Must follow authenticity guidelines and standards

8. Must be a team player and be generally agreeable to the unit

Kampfgruppe Steiner Application

Please click HERE for the KG-Steiner Application. All new members must fill this out in order to be considered to join.