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Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII

3 bullet points for all radio transmissions:

- speak clear

- speak monotone

- speak short (keep it brief)

All of this can be remembered by the mnemonic: KMK (klar, monoton, kurz)


1. to call another radio operator (otto calling ida):

Ida, von otto. Ida, von otto.

Wait 5 seconds

Repeat if no answer

1a. to call with priority:

Ida, von otto. Ida, von otto. K R. (I have no idea what K R stands for)

Wait 5 seconds.

Repeat if no answer.

1b. to call with message and no reply required:

Ida, von otto. Ida, von otto. Keine quittung, Keine quittung

Send message.


1c. to call with message and ask for verification:

Ida, von otto. Ida, von otto. Bitte prüfen, bitte prüfen

Send message.

Wait 10 seconds for reply.

If no reply, repeat.


2. to answer (ida answering otto):

Ida empfäng. Ida empfäng. Kommen.

2a: to answer but not ready to receive:

Ida empfäng. Ida empfäng. Warten.

2b. to answer 1c.

Ida quittung, ida quittung.

3. to report signal strength:

Lautstärke ...

- eins (weak)

- zwei

- drei

- vier

- fünf (strong)

3a. to ask for a repeat:

Bitte wiederholen

4. to end a message: