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Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII

Statement of Purpose

As you are starting to figure out, the German Feldbluse, or tunic, is a confusing article of military clothing that does not match any uniform you have seen in any modern day military or the American army of WWII for that matter. What makes the German Feldbluse so special in its sizing is that it has five very important measurements necessary to find a good fit. This short article will help you, the beginner (or experienced reenactor); look at what characteristics make a tunic fit properly using charts based off of original size matrices. This is not intended to be the end all be all article on the construction of the German Feldbluse but rather a short survey on what to look for in your next purchase and have an understanding of how the Feldbluse is supposed to fit on you.

For more reading, please visit the excellent in- depth article 'How German Tunics were sized' by Curtis Rollin on his website, At The Front.

"The Block"

Original tunic measurements from a Model 34 or 35 tunic

Back Length (Rückenlänge): Measurement from the bottom of the collar to the center belt hook hole.

Total Length (Ganze Länge): Measurement from the bottom of the collar to the end of the skirt.

Chest Size (Brustweite): Measure around your chest directly under armpits and over top of nipples, snug but not tight. Make sure that tape is level. Do not puff out chest.

Sleeve Length (Armellänge): Measurements can vary from tunic to tunic depending on the wearer's sizes. Measure from top of arm at shoulder seam to the end of your hand at the “pinch, where the thumb and index finger intersect.

Neck Size (Kragenweite) : Measure around your neck, below the Adam’s Apple. Tape should be snug but not tight.

You will only need to measure your neck size, sleeve length, and chest size. The Back length and Total back were already pre-determined as shown in this chart below. Use your height to determine your back length and total length.