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Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII


The Stabsabteilung is one branch of 'Kampfgruppe Steiner,' and is a valuable spot for recruits and seasoned veterans alike. The primary purpose of the Stabsabteilung is to accurately portray and function as a headquarters in the field. This encompasses field command, communications, coordination, intelligence, as well as subsidiary functions within the KG. Jobs in the Stabs.Abt include but are not limited to radio operators, signalers, runners, quartermasters, armorers, mechanics, pioneers, furriers, etc. The impressions must be approved in advance by the KG President, who delegates command of the Stabs.Abt in the field to whoever is appropriate for any given event (often the event coordinator or commander of the hosting unit, but not always).

The Stabs.Abt is a very good place for you if you just have a passion for one of the above listed jobs, if you have a medical or physical condition (temporary or permanent) that prohibits you from the strenuous exercise necessary to participate with the Infanterie Zug, or are new to the Wehrmacht and haven't yet acquired all your required gear for field combat. If you decide to join the Stabs.Abt you are not 'stuck' with no avenue to the Infanterie Zug! It is a necessary (and often lacking) part of any field event, and provides the support needed for the victory!