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Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII

Frequently Asked Questions about Joining

1. Where do I find what items to buy? Do you have a Tier system?

You can find vendors through THIS LINK. Yes, you can also find the Tier system HERE.

2. Should I buy anything in case I am not voted in?

It is up to you entirely. We have a fair approval rate, so it is most likely you will join our ranks. However, in the unfortunate case you are not voted in, you can use all the gear you bought in any other unit around Texas, or elsewhere.

3. Will I be able to borrow equipment until I have all of mine?

Yes. The unit will provide loaner gear for the first year ONLY until you can purchase all required Tier I items.

4. Can I buy inexpensive boots?

NO. We stress buying right the first time. Since we do not ask you to spend $800 on a Texled tunic, we do ask you to spend half of that (if you can) on a pair of Marching boots. Yes, the cost is high, but your feet are the most important thing on you. Trust us when we say you will save money purchasing expensive boots. Reason is that the boots available at At The Front or Hessen Antique WILL fall apart. Since they are around $150, you will only have to pay another $150 for yet another pair that will also fall apart.

5. Must I buy a top of the line custom made tunic?

Not neccessarily, however your tunic is often the centerpiece of your impression so it is important to make sure it looks the part. Tunics are tricky to get right. There are many out there, but few come close to originals. If you can, buy right the first time. We have provided reference material for sizing and fit here on our website and our members are more than happy to assist you when it comes to tunic quality/sources.

6. Will I have to pay dues?

Yes, but only when you become a full member. Annual Dues will be set in the range from $25-$35 (Dependent on ‘Bonus’ Item Tier). The cost of Unit Membership may fluctuate based on the yearly “Bonus” item provided, but at a minimum will cover the cost of the website, possibly insurance/parent group membership, and the remainder will be kept in a unit fund that will contribute to purchase/pay for items that will benefit the entire unit (contributions to vehicle transport/upkeep, ammunition, unit provided awards etc.).

7. Must I belong to the TMHS?

Membership in the TMHS is not required, however it is actively encouraged and many of our members are also members of the TMHS. We do this in order to provide a single insurance plan at events. Contact unit leadership for more information.

8. Do I really have to be 17 to come to events by myself?

Yes. Absolutely no exceptions. If you are 15 or 16, you may attend only if a parent comes to the event with you.

9. Do I have to portray a combat soldier?

Not necessarily. We have introduced the new 'Stabsabteilung' so that older reenactors and guys who are tired of running around the woods can still be a part of the unit and have something to do. If you really have no interest in doing field tactics, you can most certainly join this part of the group and it alone. However, both sections are part of the Kampfgruppe and will not be a seperate group.

10. What era do you focus on?

The main units portrayed by Kamfgruppe-Steiner depend on the events we attend. The units we have selected to represent can be found on the About Us page, but we portray 116. Panzer-Division 'Windhund' most regularly since later war Western Front events tend to be the most popular in the reenacting world.

11. O.K. I want to join. How?

Go to the 'Der Rekrut' section on the Navigation Bar, fill out an application, and email to our recruiting address. We will get back with you as soon as possible.