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Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII

Who We Look For

Like stated elsewhere on the page, Kampfgruppe Steiner looks for new recruits seeking a new experience in reenacting. On top of regular Public Shows and Tacticals, the unit participates in Full Immersion events and actively participates in creating and hosting events that are exclusive to the south/ southwest region.

As explained in the About Us page, our generic unit allows us to fit in to any event scenario that we show up to. We have several different units chosen to represent in set time periods so that we have historical evidence to back up our group impressions. Authenticity is key in this unit, and so is maintaining the impression that we are from the era we claim to be in.

We currently have members from all over TX, NM, OK, and LA. If you are any further than this general region you may want to look elsewhere for a quality unit to join.

Only serious, committed, and quality reenactors should think about applying to join Kampfgruppe-Steiner. We never let quantity beat quality.

A Different Experience

With most 'average' units, you can expect some drawn out battles where afterwards people argue about taking hits and then everyone retreats at noon time to a nice lunch packed in their igloo. Then, if everyone feels like it, the event may be cut short and everyone drives home on Saturday.

We are trying to get away from this current reenactor mentality and are committed to bringing back genuine 'living history' scenarios where you can see what it felt like to be a soldier rather than someone who runs around firing blanks in a heavily unorganized manner. 


Kampfgruppe Steiner is always looking for new members who have high standards, tired of units who don't care about doing it right, and are willing to work towards some of the highest standards in WWII German reenacting. If this describes you, you may want to consider joining our unit.