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Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII


No member of the group will wear awards or decorations unless they were awarded by this group, or for decorations from previous groups, if they have been approved in writing by unit President, and notated in member's soldbuch. There will be NO wearing of a Knight's Cross by any member of the group, as this was something akin to the Congressional Medal of Honor or Victoria Cross, and was rarely seen on an enlisted man anyway.

Awards- Criteria and Dates Issued

Iron Cross 2nd Class:

Awarded for conspicuous gallantry in action against the enemy, performing an act which great aided friendly forces or goals, and during which the soldier survived the action. The action must have been witnessed by at least two others, who are willing to attest to the action.

Iron Cross 1st Class:

Generally the same qualification as for the 2nd Class, except that the action should be even more gallant, and that the soldier must first have been awarded the 2nd Class.

War Merit Cross 2nd Class:

Awarded for superior service to the Fatherland above and beyond normal duty, outside of combat conditions. The service must be verified by at least two others who were present and witnessed the actions.

War Merit Cross 1st Class:

Generally the same qualification as for the 2nd Class, except that the action should be even more gallant, and that the soldier must first have been awarded the 2nd Class.

Close Combat Clasp:

Bronze Clasp awarded for participation in twenty-five (25) independent combat reenactments, in which the soldier participated as Heer. Silver Clasp for fifty events, and Gold Clasp for one hundred.

Ost Front Medal (Frozen Meat Medal):

Awarded after five combat reenactments against Russian troops exclusively. (NO 'super-late' events with US and USSR troops participating!) This medal is also awarded to those soldiers who attended the 2009 “Drive on Stalingrad” national event automatically. Events must take place in the winters of 41/42.

Infantry Assault Badge:

Awarded after soldier has met all uniform and equipment requirements, and participated with the unit in three combat reenactments.

Anti-Partisan Badge:

Rarely issued. Only if soldier has participated in at least ten reenactment events against partisan troops, in which at least 30% of the enemy force were partisans.

Tank-Destruct Badge:

Awarded if soldier single-handedly destroys an enemy armored vehicle with a hand-held weapon, and survives the action. This must be witnessed by at least two other participants who can attest to it.

SA Defense Badge:

Awarded if soldier participates and completes a Unit Physical Training event.

West Wall Medal:

Awarded if soldier participates in five reenactments or work events that involve significant building of positions and fortifications (i.e. trench-digging, etc).

Wound Badge:

Wound badges are ONLY awarded for actual injuries during an event that require hospitalization/emergency room care. At discretion of unit leadership, a soldier may have that requirement waived if situation was sufficient for award (i.e. a lot of blood, but no hospital necessary)

Campaign Shields:

No campaign shields will be awarded in our unit, except temporarily for certain events.

Renewed 1 September 1939

Renewed 1 September 1939

Established 18 October 1939

Established 18 October 1939

Established 25 November 1942

Established 26 May 1942

Established 20 December 1939

Established 30 January 1944

Established 9 March 1942

Established 1933, issued thereon

Issued from 2 August 1939- 31 January 1941

Established 1 September 1939