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Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII


'The Feldbluse' 1933- 1945: An informative article highlighting the changes of the German feldbluse.

So you want to be in the Deutsches Afrikakorps? A living, breathing, working document on simple questions for a DAK field impression.

How to find your correct Tunic Measurement: An easy guide to finding a correctly fitting Feldbluse.

Boot Buying Guide: An in depth look on all of the boot vendors as of 1/11/2019. A great guide made by a professional cobbler, Doug Strong!


Cook's Corner

Recommended Reading and Research


German Military Abbreviations: Pages upon pages of common military abbreviations broken down with their English translation. Original 1943 War Department intelligence report.

German Military Training: This publication was compiled from many sources that outlined how proper German military training was to be implemented. Original 1942 War Department intelligence report.

The German Rifle Company: "Die Sch├╝tzenkompanie" Literally anything your heart could ever desire about the standard rifle company. This is THE doctrine. The only problem is that it is in German; great photos though!

The German Squad in Combat: How a German squad trains for combat, based on a translation of original German manuals. Original 1943 War Department intelligence report.

German Infantry Weapons: Detailed information on every aspect of just about any weapon a German might have used. Original 1943 War Department intelligence report.

German Ski Training and Tactics: Not a great source of applicable information for southern re-enactors, but it is still an interesting read and sheds light on how Germans fought in different conditions. Original 1944 War Department intelligence report.

Waffen-Arsenal Book 150: Mine Launchers and Mortars 1914-1945: Amazing literature written in German in the mid-1990s. Complete with pictures, diagrams, and sketches. Great for mortar enthusiasts.

What's New

  • 2.10.19 Tier 1-3 List Updated
  • 11.1.19 Boot buying guide added
  • 5.4.15 "Waffen-Arsenal: Mine Launchers and Mortars 1914-1945" Publication added
  • 14.2.15 "German Military Abbreviations," "German Military Training," "The German Rifle Company," "The German Squad in Combat," "German Infantry Weapons," and "German Ski Training and tactics" Publications added
  • 12.2.15 "How to find your correct Tunic Measurement" Article added
  • 09.2.15: "So you want to be in the Deutsches Afrikakorps?" Article added
  • 30.1.15: Article Page Created/ 'The Feldbluse 1933-1945 Article added