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Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII


The Infanterie Zug is the main combat arm of Kampfgruppe Steiner. At full field strength, it is 10 fully-equipped men, comprised of a Zugführer, his assistant Zugführer, a machine-gun team of three, and five supporting riflemen. This 'Zug', or squad, was the primary building block of the German order of battle, and all German tactics of the Second World War were based on the Zug as the base element. The Germans believed that the primary killing weapon should be the 'leichte Maschinengewehr', or light machine-gun. All the supporting riflemen in any given infantry squad were there to protect the MG. It is the role and the goal of KG Steiner's Infanterie Zug to accurately portray a common Wehrmacht (Heer) squad of infantry at all times.

In Kampfgruppe Steiner, to be able to field with the Infanterie Zug, members must have all the required uniform and equipment, a suitable weapon, the tactical knowledge to be a productive part of the squad, the knowledge of basic drill (in German), and the physical ability to keep up with the squad during all the maneuvers required of it during combat operations. If you are new to the Wehrmacht, don't worry; you will be taught everything that is necessary for you to be a successful soldat. If you ultimately wish to field with us, don't be impatient; your training will prepare you to join the prestigious ranks of the Infanterie Zug. Just be ready to listen and learn, and have a positive attitude!